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Are Dental Implants Stronger Than Natural Teeth?

July 20, 2023

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A 3D illustration of a dental implant next to natural teeth

If you suffer from tooth loss, odds are you know about dental implants. These prosthetics can restore all sorts of smiles. That said, you might wonder: Are dental implants stronger than natural teeth? It’s easy to question their durability, especially compared to regular pearly whites. Well, implants really are more robust than ordinary chompers. If you’d like to learn why, your Houston dentist can explain. Here’s a summary of how implants stay stronger than natural teeth and their other benefits.

Just How Strong Are Dental Implants?

As the gold standard for tooth replacement, dental implants are very sturdy. It’s to the point that they’re even stronger than natural teeth.

Much of this strength stems from how implants fuse with the jaw. As bone tissue grows around them, they become permanent parts of the jawbone. From there, they have the support to stay in place and bear pressure without slipping. Such immobility makes them tougher than standard teeth.

At the same time, implants are also strong due to their materials. Their titanium bases are incredibly durable and can withstand much force.

Remember: Implants Don’t Decay

You might think implants weaken over time, but they usually stay strong. The reason is that they’re immune to tooth decay from bacteria.

You see, implants rely on artificial materials – titanium, porcelain, etc. That means they won’t erode from bacterial acids as enamel does. Instead, they’ll remain durable if you give them proper care. The implants will also last longer that way, potentially reaching a lifespan of 30 years or more.

What are Implants’ Other Benefits?

While a big perk, implants’ durability isn’t their only advantage. The restorations have other benefits that dentures and bridges can’t match. The most common of these typically include:

  • Lifelike Results – Implants both look and act like natural teeth. By fusing with your jaw, they let you reliably speak and chew food. Plus, their porcelain surfaces ensure they blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.
  • A Youthful Face – Like regular teeth, implants stimulate the jaw’s bone tissue. Their doing so prevents your jawbone from eroding and keeps your face looking young and firm.
  • Greater Confidence – Implants often make you more confident, as they reliably restore your full smile. This mood change makes you feel less awkward in social settings and strengthens your relationships.
  • Easy Maintenance – Patients can clean implants as easily as they would natural teeth. All it takes is brushing twice daily, flossing once daily, and rinsing with mouthwash often.

Dental implants are stronger than natural teeth, so you can trust their effectiveness. With that said, see your dental provider about treatment in the coming days.

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